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Do you have a new baby or need a new pediatrician for your child? Get the pediatrics care and reassurance you need with the doctors at Thuy T. Nguyen, M.D., Inc. in Garden Grove, California. Dr. Vu Nguyen and his team have more than 40 years of combined experience caring for local families, so you can be confident that your child will receive dedicated, compassionate care. Call or schedule a visit online today.

Pediatric Care Q & A

When should my child see a pediatrician?

In addition to a yearly well-child exam, your child should see a pediatrician when he or she is ill or hurt and requires medical attention. Your child may also need vaccinations or physical exams for school or sports to ensure they remain healthy and avoid injuries.

What is a well-child exam?

A well-child exam is a yearly checkup to ensure your child stays healthy and meets their growth and development milestones. A well-child exam includes:

  • Medical history
  • Physical exam, which includes height, weight, blood pressure, and heart and lung exam
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Vaccinations
  • Laboratory testing, as needed (e.g. Hemoglobin, urine, etc)
  • Health education

A yearly well-child exam can help you understand how your child is growing, steps you can take to ensure your child remains healthy and develops normally, and ways you can prevent chronic problems for your child, including diabetes and obesity.

What pediatric services are available?

In addition to general well-child exams, Dr. Nguyen also performs comprehensive hearing and basic vision testing for children of all ages. If you suspect that your child has a vision or hearing issue, a visit with Dr. Nguyen can give you reliable answers and reassurance, as well as appropriate referrals and advice, as needed.

All general vaccinations, including those required for school, are available at Thuy T. Nguyen, M.D., Inc. Utilizing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Dr. Nguyen provides the recommended vaccines while ensuring your child is comfortable and safe while getting their shots.

If your child is ill or hurt, Dr. Nguyen takes special care to relieve your child’s symptoms and discomfort with appropriate medications — like antibiotics — and suggestions for home care.

What is the Child Health and Disability Prevention program?

The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) program provides well-child exams, vaccinations, vision and hearing testing, and laboratory and blood testing to children for free.

Children are eligible for free care through the CHDP program if they are enrolled in Head Start or state preschool programs or are in foster care, juvenile hall, or on probation.

The CHDP program aims to provide affordable health care for all children in order to keep kids healthy and avoid chronic diseases and illnesses. Dr. Nguyen participates in the CHDP program in order to improve the health of children throughout Garden Grove.

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